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Mission To Kenya

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Dave Brody and his translator GideonEd note: click on an image to view the larger version.

Responding to a mass email from our Association of Retiring Dentists, Charlie Levy, a periodontist from Cape Cod, and I, a general dentist from New Jersey, traveled to western Kenya to provide care for the Maasai people. The two-week trip included six days of patient care, two days of safari drives, two free days in Nairobi, and some long days of travel.

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#7 neilH 2013-12-10 15:49
Dave, do you have a ballpark cost of the trip including airfare from NY (I'm guessing that's your departure city), and an address for a US contact for AMS?
#6 divedoc 2013-12-09 20:44
The best way for donated instruments and supplies to make their way to Kenya is to be brought by AMS volunteers. Shipping would be long and expensive. We can have donations sent to participants in the U.S. who are in the next AMS group, medical or not, and they will bring them to the clinic in their checked luggage.
#5 neilH 2013-12-09 13:32
Dave, what is the process of getting instruments to the clinic? Can they be reliably shipped? Address? Hand-carried?
#4 divedoc 2013-12-09 12:18
(cont. from previous post)

It is difficult to say how often dental services will be available. It depends on the availability of volunteers as there are no local dentists. Perhaps AMS will be able to recruit Nairobi-based dentists to get involved.

Mara West does offer wonderful, deeply discounted facilities for individuals and self-organized teams of foreign volunteers.

Information can be had by contacting and/or
#3 divedoc 2013-12-09 12:14
The permanent clinic will be up and running shortly. When the building was constructed this room was dedicated for such a use. Conduit pipe was run beneath the floor and out the exterior wall to an area for the vacuum system, the compressor and a back-up generator. (The medical "campus" is the last stop on the electrical grid, although the service is not yet reliable.) Once the connections are made the operatory will be good to go. As I mentioned in the original posting, the operatory lacks instruments and supplies. If any of our members are retiring soon, their used oral surgery and operative instruments would be put to good use there.

As for upkeep of the systems, The donor from California has been asked to send along replacement parts (e.g. diaphragms for the foot controls) and I have shown the AMS people how to make the repairs. Professional repairmen are available in Nairobi, a six-hour drive away.
You are here News & Articles >> Mission To Kenya